Co-operative Education

Co-op is available to UNBC/UBC Environmental Engineering students through UBC Engineering Co-op. The UBC Engineering Co-op Program formally integrates a student’s academic studies with valuable, relevant, paid technical engineering work with approved industry organizations. Environmental Engineering Co-op students work in a variety of areas including consulting firms, industrial plants/mills, or federal, provincial or municipal government offices.

Our students repeatedly have the highest co-op placement among the UBC Engineering programs and continue to succeed in securing internship opportunities.

Students will be eligible to apply for the co-op program during 3rd year at UBC. Applications are accepted in mid-August and close in mid-September. Students must apply directly to the Engineering Co-op Office. Co-op is very competitive, so you are encouraged to obtain some fieldwork, such as in a laboratory or through an internship, in the summer after completing 2nd year in order to increase your marketability.

If accepted, you will be eligible to experience your first work term upon completion of 30 credits at UBC. You will have to register for the following courses while completing co-op: APSC 110, 210, 310, 410 and 411. The Engineering Co-op Office will assist you with registering in these courses. If you would like to modify your co-op schedule, you will need to complete a Work Term Sequence Change form available from the Engineering Co-op Office. Ensure you take into account the course requirements and prerequisites for the ENVE program when modifying your work term sequence. Most courses are only offered once per academic year and students are responsible for ensuring degree requirements are met.

If you would like to graduate with Co-op Standing, you will need to complete at least four terms.

Engineering Co-op Contact Details:
The University of British Columbia
2385 East Mall
Vancouver, BC Canada V6T 1Z4
Tel: 604 822 3022
Fax: 604 822 3449