Transit between years and institutions requires good academic standing in the program at the most recent institution of residence (UNBC or UBC). At UNBC, this means a GPA of at least 2.0 or 63%. At UBC, this means that an average of 55% and passing grades in at least 65% of the credits taken.

Applying for Transit to UBC for 3rd Year

Students must be in good academic standing, have a Cumulative GPA of 2.00 or greater in required 1st and 2nd year courses (including 3 credit hours of Humanities or Social Sciences), and have successfully completed all ENGR, ENVE, MATH and STAT courses in order to transit to UBC for 3rd year. All transit requirements must be met by April 30th of the year of transit. Under no circumstances can a student transit if he/she is missing more than 6 credits.

Students transiting to UBC and interested in living on campus must apply to UBC Housing as early as possible. Housing is not guaranteed, however, in past years UBC Housing has set aside a number of rooms for ENVE students. It is important that students respond promptly to emails.  If UBC Housing extends an offer, students will have a week to accept the housing placement and pay their deposit.

Applying for Transit to UNBC for 5th Year

In order to be eligible to transit to 5th year at UNBC, students must have completed all required courses, be in good academic standing, have an average of at least 55%, and have passing grades in at least 65% of the credits taken. Students must have all core UBC courses completed including technical electives and may not be missing more than 6 credits, including any missing requirements from UNBC. You may make a request to the UBC Co-Director to take 3 credits of technical electives at UNBC during 5th year if you are not missing more than the aforementioned 6 credits and have not already had 3 credits at UNBC count towards this requirement.

Transit-to-UNBC application forms will be emailed to 4th year students in the Winter term of their 4th year. The form will indicate where students can apply for UNBC Housing if interested.