Directors’ Message

Providing a safe and healthy environment is considered to be the greatest global challenge facing humanity over the next few decades.

The Environmental Engineering Program provides its graduates with knowledge and tools in the fields of environmental science and engineering essential to address this challenge.

The Environmental Engineering Program is truly distinct. No other university in western Canada offers an accredited program that focuses exclusively on this field of engineering.  This joint Program draws from the strengths of both the University of British Columbia (UBC) in Vancouver and the University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC) in Prince George to offer a comprehensive learning environment.  The small program size enables opportunities for close interactions between the students and faculty and strong links between its students.

While the program requires students to complete the first two years at UNBC, followed by two years at UBC, and then return to UNBC for one more term, many students have transferred into the second year after completing their first year in engineering at UBC or another university. The program has drawn students from different age groups, ethnic backgrounds and geographic areas. It also has the highest percentage of female students (almost 50%) in any engineering program at UBC.

The program has strong ties with industry and offers a cooperative education option.  Graduates are employed by industry, government and consulting engineering firms throughout Canada and internationally.


Dr. Tamara Etmannski Dr. Mauricio Dziedzic
Dr. Tamara Etmannski
UBC Co-Director
Dr. Mauricio Dziedzic
UNBC Co-Director