Degree Requirements

Students are expected to complete core courses and technical electives from UNBC and UBC. In order to graduate, students must ensure that they meet the requirements listed on the official academic calendar:

  • Students who transited to UBC in (or prior to) September 2021, and have taken Groundwater Hydrology at UNBC, follow the 2020/2021 calendar. Note that out of 15 credits of technical electives, 6 credits must be from the primary list and not 9 credits as noted in this calendar’s footnote.
  • Students who transited to UBC in (or after) September 2022 and have not taken Groundwater Hydrology at UNBC, follow the 2021/2022 calendar. Note that a total of 12 credits of technical electives are required and not 15 as noted in this calendar’s footnote. 6 of these credits must be from the primary list.

Please refer to the Technical Electives page for a current list of pre-approved Technical Elective options and the How to Register page for instructions. Before sending inquiries, ensure you have read these pages thoroughly as many questions are addressed on them.

Program Requirements


Unless otherwise specified, the rules and regulations will be those applicable at the institution (UBC or UNBC) at which the students are attending at the time the rules/regulations need to be applied. In the case where the rules and regulations are needed to cover the program as a whole, or where the institution of attendance is not relevant, then the more stringent rules/regulations will be applied. Any academic appeals will be handled using the procedures at the institution where the rules/regulations need to be applied.


The minimum residency requirement is 90 credits combined at UNBC or UBC, of which at least 30 credits must be completed at each of UNBC and UBC.


Progression between years and institutions requires good academic standing in the program at the most recent institution of residence (UNBC or UBC). At UNBC, this means a GPA of at least 2.0 or 63%. At UBC, this means that an average of 55%, and passing grades in at least 65% of the credits taken.