Applying for Transit

Applying for Transit to UBC for Year 3

Upon successful completion of all required courses at UNBC, students will be allowed to transit to UBC for Year 3. Please complete the transit application form and submit this application to Debby Foster before November 16th.

Students must complete all Math and ENGR courses before they can transit to UBC.

Students transiting to UBC and interested in living on campus must apply to UBC Housing as early as possible for September.  It’s important that students respond promptly to emails. Students will have a week to accept the housing placement and pay their deposit. If students are late to apply, they will be in jeopardy of losing their spot.

Applying for Transit to UNBC for Year 5

Students who have completed all required courses at UBC are eligible for transit to UNBC for Year 5 to complete their capstone project. Students transiting to UNBC for 2018W must complete the transit to UNBC application form and submit it to by January 24, 2018.  Students who have not completed all course requirements may not be able to transit to UNBC.