Health and Safety

Counselling Services

A variety of mental health resources and professionals are available at UBC Counselling Services. Mental health professionals work with you to assess your wellness needs, and identify the level of care that’s right for you – from self-directed programs and tools to workshops, group programs, and individual therapy – to help you have the best university experience possible.

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Campus Security

UBC Campus Security is comprised of qualified and dedicated in-house security personnel who are focused on the delivery of safety and security services to everyone within the UBC community.

Safety in the Workplace

Students will have opportunities to work and learn in laboratory facilities. Students are responsible for following all safety rules and obtaining safety training before they operate any equipment. Students are expected to wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) prior to entering the laboratories. Failure to do this could result in accidents and/or injuries. If you have any concerns or questions about PPE, check in with a Teaching Assistant or a lab staff member who can assist you.