Co-Director, Environmental Engineering, UBC
211-2386 East Mall

Dr. Etmannski came to UBC in 2014 after completing her PhD in Environmental Engineering at the University of Oxford. Her dissertation included reverse-engineering off-grid, arsenic-removal water treatment systems located in rural India, using user-centered design principles and various sustainability metrics including LCA and PAM methodologies. Dr. Etmannski holds two undergraduate degrees from the University of Calgary, a BA in International Relations with a minor in Economics and a BSc Honours in Applied and Environmental Geology (which is akin to our Geologic Engineering program). At UBC she holds a joint Lecturer appointment in the Faculty of Applied Science and the Sauder School of Business and is the Academic Director of the MEL/MHLP programs and the Co-Director of the UBC/UNBC Environmental Engineering Program. Dr. Etmannski has also worked in the oil and gas industry in Northern BC, owned a motorcycle training school, completed Singularity University’s exclusive Graduate Studies Program at NASA Ames in Silicon Valley and has been a cofounder/founder and CEO of three tech startups.

Co-Director, Environmental Engineering, UNBC
LAB8 306

Dr. Helle’s research interests and expertise are in waste and wastewater treatment (biological, physical and chemical), production of renewable fuels and chemicals, fermentation modeling and optimization, bioprocess engineering.

Professor, Environmental Engineering, UNBC
LAB8 408

Dr. Li’s research interests and expertise are in mode​ling of groundwater flow and contaminant transport in porous media groundwater hydrology, soil and groundwater remediation, coupled simulation and optimization for environmental management, uncertainty modeling of environmental pollution control systems, water resources management, and environmental risk assessment.

Professor, Environmental Engineering, UNBC
LAB8 415

Dr. Sui’s research interests are in water resources and environmental engineering. He has expertise in cold region hydraulics and hydrology (river ice hydraulics and snow hydrology) and fluvial hydraulics.

Professor, UNBC
TAL 10-2544

Dr. Thring’s research interests and expertise are in chemicals, fuels, and biosolids from natural resources, reaction engineering principles and catalysis applied to pulp and paper, polymer, oil and gas processes, plastics and rubber characterization and processing, and environmental engineering (soil remediation, green house gases control, waste & wastewater treatment).

Associate Professor & Chair, Chemistry, Environmental Science and Environmental Engineering, UNBC
LAB8 8-439

Dr. Whitcombe’s research interests, as a broad classification, are in the area of “Bio-Inorganic” chemistry and, specifically, in reaction kinetics of model systems for biologically interesting or relevant molecules.