Registration in Standard Timetables at UBC

Students will be notified by email with the date and time that they can register through the Student Service Centre (SSC).

UBC Engineering uses standard timetables (STTs), which enable students to register for all core courses at once. Students must register in one of the ENVE STTs before adding technical electives. After you have registered for an STT and technical electives, consult with the latest ENVE academic calendar to ensure you have satisfied all your degree requirements.

You can manually drop the individual courses you do not need from your STT if, for example, you already completed the course. Please be aware of the deadlines for dropping courses on the UBC calendar.

Additional Instructions for 4th Year STTs:

  • You may choose either CHBE 459 or CIVL 403. CHBE 459 will already be in the STTs, but if you wish, you can drop it individually and add CIVL 403.
  • Students who have already taken EOSC 429, must choose the STT without EOSC 429. Students who have not taken EOSC 429, must choose the STT with EOSC 429.

Registration in Technical Electives at UBC

Students must take 15 credits of technical electives at UBC—a minimum of 6 of these credits must be from the primary list. A maximum of 3 credits towards a secondary technical elective can be taken at UNBC in your first two years of study at UNBC. Registration in technical electives is not guaranteed. Please have multiple options in mind in case you are not able to register in your top choices.

Instructions for registering in approved technical electives:

Once your registration opens, you must first attempt to register for technical electives via the SSC yourself. If you are unable to do so, which is common, follow these instructions:

  • APSC 486: Follow the application procedure. ESS will register you if you are accepted into the course.
  • CIVL technical electives: Complete the Civil Course Registration Request Form
    • For UNBC prerequisites required for a course that the UBC system does not recognize, choose ENVE transit student – Prerequisites met under the Registration Issues drop down menu and provide the UNBC course equivalent’s name and code in the Comments box.
    • Civil will try to process requests as quick as possible, but you might not hear back until August.
  • All other technical electives: Email your name, student number, year level, program (ENVE), the course code you want to add and list all prerequisites you have for the course (eg. UNBC STAT 371 = UBC STAT 251) to the hyperlinked contacts. In most cases, you will not receive an email confirmation and students will need to confirm registration in courses on the SSC.
    • APSC (except for APSC 486) – Students can register themselves
    • CHBE – Send your request to the ENVE Administrator
      • For CHBE 376 and CHBE 477 requests, you will need to include your grade for CHBE 244 and confirm completion of UNBC’s ENGR 210.
    • CHEM – Add yourself to the waitlist then send your request to the ENVE Administrator
    • FRST/CONS – FRST/CONS courses are first come, first served after Forestry students register
    • MINE – Requests may take up to 5 business days to process and no confirmation will be sent
    • PLAN
    • SCIE – Students can register themselves

Important Note: Ensure you list your prerequisites from UNBC briefly to ensure timely processing of your registration requests. Do not send lengthy statements. Instead, format your prerequisites like so: My Equivalent Prerequisites: UNBC STAT 371 = UBC STAT 251.

Instructions for registering in technical electives that are not on the approved list or to take more than the required number of technical electives:

Check that you have the prerequisites (or similar) necessary for the course in question and that it is not restricted. You must then send you request to the UBC Co-Director (and cc the UBC ENVE Administrator), providing the following information:

  • the course name, code and link
  • a summary of all primary and secondary technical electives you plan to take (approval is not given one course at a time);
  • a rationale for your request
  • a syllabus

The UBC Co-Director will respond to you via email. Please print and retain a copy of this response until you have graduated and ensure a copy of the approval  is sent to the UBC ENVE Administrator so that your record can be updated.

Instructions for potentially registering in a graduate course as a technical elective:

You must email your request to the UBC Co-Director, providing the following:

Request for Course Conflict

You will need to fill out the course conflict request form and request approval from the instructors of the courses in conflict. If approved, you will then need to submit the form to ESS for faculty approval.