Program Growth and Changes

The program has undergone three CEAB accreditation reviews in the last decade and, as a result, we have strengthened the program with more design-related courses including a capstone projects course. We have also taken student feedback into account and created new engineering courses at UNBC (Use of Engineering Tools I and II), which give our students experience with engineering tools such as AutoCAD and GIS.  At UBC, students now have the opportunity to study abroad for a semester, in Europe, Australia and Asia, through the Coordinated International Experience Program.  Approximately one-third of our students register in Co-op each year and ENVE students continue to succeed with job placements.  Some of our grads were even hired by their co-op employers after graduation!  The table below shows the number of degrees conferred annually since the first class graduated in 2007.

Year Graduated Degrees Conferred
2016 33
2015 27
2014 25
2013 14
2012 14
2011 19
2010 8
2009 6
2008 4
2007 7