Year 5 (Term 9)

Print version for Year 5.

Capstone project and courses to be completed at UNBC

ENPL 401-3   Environmental Law

ENSC 417-6   Designing Solutions in Environmental Engineering

ENSC 418-3   Environmental Measurement and Analysis

Plus 3 credit hours of a social science or humanities elective.
Plus 3 credit hours of an elective.


The following UNBC courses may be used to meet a Technical Elective requirement in the UBC portion of the Joint UBC/UNBC Environmental Engineering BASc program. No more than one course from the list may be used. To qualify towards UBC technical elective requirements, the technical elective must be taken prior to transit to UBC.

ENSC 302-3        Energy Development
ENSC 404-3        Waste Management
ENSC 406-3        Environmental Modelling
ENSC 408-3        Storms
ENSC 425-3        Climate Change and Global Warming
ENSC 450-3        Environmental and Geophysical Data Analysis
ENSC 452-3        Reclamation and Remediation of Disturbed Environments
ENSC 453-3        Environmental Resources Management and Decision Making
NREM 410-3        Watershed Management