Year 1 (Terms 1-2)

Printer Version for  Year 1.

Core courses to be completed at UNBC

Term 1 (September – December)    

CHEM 100-3   General Chemistry I

CHEM 120-1   General Chemistry Lab I

CPSC 110-3   Introduction to Computer Systems and Programming

ENGR 117-3   Engineering Design I

ENGR 151-1   Engineering Tools I

MATH 100-3   Calculus I

PHYS 110-4   Introductory Physics I: Mechanics


Term 2 (January – April)

CHEM 101-3   General Chemistry II

CHEM 121-1   General Chemistry Lab II

ENGR 110-3   Technical Writing

ENGR 152-1   Engineering Tools II

MATH 101-3   Calculus II

PHYS 111-4   Introductory Physics II: Waves and Electricity

Plus 3 credit hours of humanities and social science courses with subject matter that deals with the central issues, methodologies, and thought processes of the humanities and social science (for example, any ANTH, ENGL, ENVS, FNST, HIST, INTS, NORS, PHIL, POLS, or WMST course that does not principally impart language skills or statistics). GEOG and ENPL courses may qualify with approval of the Chair.