Year 4 (Terms 7-8)

Year 4 (core courses to be completed at UBC)                                               Print Version for Year 4

Term 1 (September – December)

CHBE 351   Transport Phenomena II

CIVL 311     Soil Mechanics II

CIVL 402    Engineering Law and Contracts in Civil Engineering

CIVL 416    Environmental Hydraulics

CIVL 418   Engineering Hydrology

EOSC 429  Groundwater Contamination  (this course will be removed in 2017W and will be offered for Year 4 students starting 2018W)


Term 2 (January – April)

CHBE 459   Chemical and Biological Engineering Economics  or CIVL 403  Engineering Economic Analysis

**The Standard Timetable lists CHBE 459 only, should students be interested in taking CIVL 403 instead, you would need to manually drop CHBE 459 and add CIVL 403.

CIVL 408   Geoenvironmental Engineering

CIVL 409   Municipal Engineering

plus 12 credits of Technical Electives**