Year 3 (Terms 5-6)

Year 3 (Core courses to be completed at UBC)

Term 1 (September – December)                                                                                   Print Version for Year 3.

CHBE 364   Environmental Engineering Laboratory

CHBE 373   Water Pollution Control

CHBE 485   Air Pollution Prevention

CIVL 200    Engineering and Sustainable Development

CIVL 315    Fluid Mechanics I


Term 2 (January – April)

CHBE 244   Chemical and Biological Engineering Thermodynamics I

CHBE 484   Green Engineering Principles and Applications for Process Industries

CIVL 210    Soil Mechanics I

CIVL 316    Hydrology and Open Channel Flow

MINE 486   Mining and the Environment

**Students are required to take 12 credits of Technical Electives.  Year 4 course load is heavy and students can take one Technical Elective course in Year 3. 

CHEM 301, CONS 425, EOSC 474 and PLAN 425 can be taken in Year 3 and they fit with the Standard Timetable.