Technical Electives

Your Technical Electives at UBC

(please read instructions at the bottom of this page on how to register)

You may view your Degree Navigator in SSC to see what your standing is with your UBC portion of your ENVE BASc Degree requirements. Instructions On DAG Use

Students in the ENVE program are required to complete 12 credits of technical electives to graduate.

Students may select their technical electives as follows:                                                                                                                              Print Version for Technical Electives

  • A minimum of 6 credits from the Primary List of Technical Electives:

CIVL 413     Design of Earth Dams and Containment Structures

CIVL 415     Water Resource Engineering

CIVL 417      Coastal Engineering

*Note: MATH 230 at UNBC is an acceptable prerequisite to CIVL 417, although students will need to contact the Department in order to register on this basis.

CHBE 483   Energy Engineering

CHBE 486   Waste Management for Resource Recovery

Please note: Seats are NOT guaranteed for the Technical Elective courses and will depend on available seating.  Courses may not be offered every year.

  • Remaining credits from the following (up to 6 credits can be at the 300-level):

CHBE 487        Interfacial Phenomena

CHEM 301      Aqueous Environmental Chemistry

CONS 425       Sustainable Energy:  Policy and Governance

ENVR 410       Energy, Environment and Society (Will not be offered in 2017-18)

EOSC 428       Field Techniques in Groundwater Hydrology

EOSC 474      Marine Pollution

FRST 385       Watershed Hydrology

FRST 386      Aquatic Ecosystems and Fish in Forested Watersheds

MINE 480      Mine Waste Management

       MINE 497B     Directed Studies – MINE GEOSTATISCS

PLAN 425      Urban Planning Issues and Concepts

 or a UNBC course (a maximum of 3 credits ONLY allowed) from any of:

 ENSC 302, (303 -just in 2014W1), 404, 406, 408, 425, 452, 453, 460, 498, FSTY 345, NREM 410
that have been completed in the first two years of study at UNBC or have the UBC co-director’s pre- approval if taken in the 5th year.

NOTE: Not all courses are offered every year at either campus.

Approval for registration in a course not listed above must be obtained before registering for the course.

To request approval for registration of:

  • a course not listed above;
  • registration in more than the required number of electives; or
  • registration in a graduate course,

please e-mail your request to the UBC Program Director (c.c., providing the following:

  • course name, code and description (available in the online calendar);
  • a summary of all technical electives you plan to take (Note: Approval is not given one course at a time.);
  • a rationale for your request.

A response will be sent to you via return e-mail.  Please print and retain a copy of this response until you have graduated.

For registration in a graduate course (above) as a technical elective you MUST:

  • obtain prior approval from the Program Director, following the email requirements noted above;


Important instructions on how to register for UBC ENVE Technical electives:

  • Classes fill up. Do not leave your technical electives registration until just before the class convenes. A strong suggestion is to choose and register for your full year of technical elective courses in the summer preceding the school term.
  • Registration for all CIVL courses is done in the Civil Engineering Department. To request a CIVL course that is not part of your STT, complete and fill in the Civil Course Registration Request Form. For pre-requisites required for a course that the UBC system does not recognize (i.e. equivalent courses successfully completed in your first years at UNBC) choose ” Transfer student” under the “Registration Issues” choices and follow the instructions.
  • For EOSC 428, please email me your name and student # and we can register you (up to 10 spaces held for ENVE students).
  • For other EOSC courses, please email the Instructor for permission to register if you are blocked due to pre-requisites or if the class is full (add to waiting list).
  • Students may be able to register for CHBE Technical Electives directly on their own but if you are having difficulties, please contact ENVE Administrator.
  • For all courses except CIVL and EOSC courses where there are necessary pre-requisites that the UBC system does not recognize (i.e. equivalent courses successfully completed in your first years at UNBC) please email your registration request to the ENVE Administrator,,  and state the UBC course name, code and description (available in the online calendar); the UBC course code of the pre-requisites necessary; and the UNBC course name, code and description that is it’s equivalent. The registration will be expedited for you.