You can register for all the courses in your standard time table on-line.
For all other courses:If a course you desire is FULL and there is a waiting list, then PLEASE register for the waiting list!For courses that you are unable to register for on the SSC online registration system due to restrictions involved because you have taken the pre-requisites needed as UNBC courses OR the course is restricted to only certain students (i.e. CIVL students only), there are 3 options for registering. Note that depending on the course and/or the Department offering the course, it may not be possible to use the first 2 options to register.
Option 1:
You may be able to register by contacting the course administrator for the Department that offers the course in which you are interested. When contacting the course administrator, indicate that you are an ENVE student wishing to take one of their courses as either: 1) a missed course that you need to make up for your course requirement completion of your ENVE BASc;  or, 2) a technical elective, but cannot register online (not that the course must be from the list of approved technical electives). Ask if they can register you for the course.Department Course Administrators:
MTRL: Webster, Fiona;Fiona.Webster@ubc.ca
MECH: Pelletier, Jennifer;jennifer@mech.ubc.ca
CHBE: Lori Tanaka;lori@chbe.ubc.ca or Michelle Tobin;mtobin@chbe.ubc.ca
EECE: Mary Chan;maryc@ece.ubc.ca
EOSC: Teresa Woodley;twoodley@eos.ubc.ca
CIVL: Thomas Dunn; facsec@civil.ubc.ca
Option 2:
The course administrator may request that you first get permission, via email, from the course instructor. Communicate with the instructor FULLY why it is you need/desire their course. If the course instructor agrees, get them to send you an email indicating that you can take the course, and forward this email to the course administrator, asking them to register you into the course.
Option 3:
The third option is using course drop/add forms that can be found here for all courses EXCEPT CIVL courses. For CIVL courses, please fill out the CIVIL Course Registration Form and email the completed form to:  info@civil.ubc.ca.
You can take a course off cycle (e.g. if you did not take/complete this course when it should have been part of your standard time table in a previous year). To do this, go to the Main Office of the Department offering the course, indicate that you are an ENVE student that needs to take this course as part of your core course requirements, that you did not take/complete this course when it was part of your standard time table in a previous year, and that now you must take this course to complete your core course requirements. If they cannot register you into the course, please contact the ENVE administrator or director.
Periodically, some courses are cancelled/changed (e.g. CHBE 242 is now CHBE 243 and 244). Contact the course administrator or director to find out what is the new equivalent course. Then register as indicated in the previous answer (i.e. registering for core courses that are not in my standard time table).
An updated list of technical electives is posted on the ENVE web site under the Current Students page. Note that, although a course is listed, you may not be able to register in that course due to space limitation.
If you are considering an elective that is not on the list, please contact the program director. However, before you do, make sure that you have the prerequisites (or equivalents) and that the course is not similar to one that you have already taken (or will soon take). For example, CIVL 406 and 407 cannot be taken because they are similar to CHBE 373 and 364).
Possibly, contact the course instructor, indicating that you are taking the course as a technical elective for the ENVE program. If the instructor agrees to let you take the course, you will need to register using a drop add form to be signed by the course instructor. (See Question #1.)
Contact the course instructor and inquire if your equivalent prerequisites are acceptable. If you do not at least have equivalent prerequisites, you likely cannot take the course.
No. For most of your technical electives, you will need to register using a drop add form to be signed by the course instructor. (See Question # 1.)
Yes, if you have a minimum overall average of 75% and have the prerequisites (or equivalent prerequisites). You will need to fill out a Faculty of Graduate Studies form and have it signed by the instructor, the departmental faculty advisor for that course, and the ENVE program director. The form can be found on the Grad Studies webpage.
Always make sure that your Address & Contacts Page and Email are current in the Student Information System (SIS) and inform Lee Yupitun at info@enve.ubc.ca of the changes.